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We’ve been thrilled with the adoption and growth of the Trisolaris DEX — currently the leading DEX on Aurora in both volume and TVL. See the roadmap blog post here

Roadmap for Trisolaris (Q1+)

TRI Utility

Currently, TRI is used in two ways:

  • As a means to earn enhanced yields in the TRI-based farms

  • Exposure to yields via growth in trading fees of the Trisolaris DEX via staked TRI (xTRI). This is especially relevant now as the overall Near and Aurora ecosystem is in a rapid growth stage.

We aim to introduce a third major element here for the TRI token, vote locking and rewards boosting - this will introduce a dynamic similar to the extremely successful veCurve (or voting escrow Curve) gauge-based tokenomic model (read the whole)

Here is what you can expeact in the coming months;

Jan/Feb 2022:

  • Improved experience for new projects to incentivize and launch pools on Trisolaris

  • Improved user experience for traders with better and more granular data/analytics, more fun and intuitive UX, and better tools for portfolio tracking and management

  • Integrations & Partnerships with other protocols to boost existing utility of TRI. Specifically, TRI LP tokens and TRI/xTRI used as collateral for lending in stablecoin platforms

  • Airdrop: Due to the nascency of the current ecosystem infrastructure, we’re delaying the airdrop to ensure that all of our initial community members are recognized. Our initial queries showed some gaps in the data, and we are working with the Aurora team to resolve. We are not sure yet of the exact date, but rewarding our users is a top priority and we hope to do this sometime in February.

Rest of Q1 and early Q2 2022

  • Governance Infrastructure build out on Aurora
  • Launch of vexTRI: Users will be able to lock their TRI or xTRI for different time periods in exchange for vexTRI. The locked vexTRI will give user voting power within Trisolaris governance
  • Launch of Stableswap Dex: This will serve as an additional source of revenue for the protocol